Franciscan Hospital for Children

Admin Assistant I

  • Brighton, MO

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Franciscan Hospital for Children

Admin Assistant I

LocationBrighton, MO

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Job Description

Support unit mission of creating a nurturing and hopeful healing environment for families & children in crisis – through interactions with patients, families, & staff, as well as through supportive clerical functions.  Both direct interactions and phone conversations with children, families, guests, and staff, as well as clerical work will reflect the following values essential to creating a healing environment.


Answer all incoming calls

Route incoming calls to appropriate extensions, or hold call while text paging clinician with name of caller that call is waiting

When calls are for unit, greet caller, get details of call/caller, put on hold, reach someone on unit directly & let them know the nature of the call/caller before letting caller know to whom you are transferring.  If no one is available, or if message can be relayed, speak with caller.

Know which teams are working with which children, so that callers can be informed of name of LICSW/MD working with their child & you can direct call appropriately.

Admissions Process

Be sure that sufficient admission charts are stocked from nights – be able to put together admission charts if we run out

Label pre-admission charts prior to admissions with name, DOB, DOA with typed labels

Label & prepare ADLs boxes prior to admissions

Get past FHC medical records of readmissions

Greet admissions, do belongings search, & photo ID, label valuables

Discharge Process

Prepare stamped discharge paperwork clipboards at time of admission

Medical Records

Organize & addressograph patient charts

Do patient chart filing daily

Break down, stamp, organize discharged charts, & send to medical records daily

Help with data collection from d/c charts as needed

Daily administrative & business details

Incoming & outgoing mail run & distribution to staff mailboxes

Keep printers & fax machines stocked with paper & in working order

Order & replace fax toner & drum as needed

Staple, hole punch & distribute faxes to mailboxes as they arrive

Keep an outgoing fax box & fax outgoing fax requests within 30 minutes


Order office supplies weekly, as needed

Minimum Requirements:

At least 1 year of administrative experience in a clinical setting preferred. Mental Health setting a plus. Bachelor's degree preferred, but not required.

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