What are the medical jobs you can choose from in 2021?

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  • 24 Dec, 2020

The healthcare industry is likely to remain to grow as we enter 2021 and beyond, mainly driven by our older people and the great need for health services. As per the American Hospital Association, COVID-19 also creates more demand for health workers. According to the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), health employment is expected to grow by 14% between 2018 and 2028, more than any other job group. Healthcare professionals get jobs in hospitals, doctors 'and dentists' offices, outpatient care facilities, and private services. Here are some of the fastest-growing health care providers and educational institutions you need to start in the field by 2021:


1. Physical therapy aide

Physical therapy aide


Predicted Rise: 41%

National average salary: $35,818 per year


Directed by a physiotherapist, physical therapy services help patients recover from infections or injuries or. Their objective is to help them manage their pain and recover control through exercise, massage, and stretching. Physical therapists set up medical equipment, monitor patients, wash linen, and record their progress. They also perform various writing tasks, such as arranging patients and answering calls.


2.  Genetic Counselor

Predicted Rise: 41%

Average Annual Salary: $56,800


Genetic Counselors are specialists of master’s level who assess individual or family risks for various inherited conditions, like genetic disorders and congenital disabilities. These highly skilled experts provide information and advice to other health care providers and directly to people who are not at risk for inherited conditions.  Genetic Counselors do the following:

Write complete reports to explain complex genetic concepts for patients or referral physicians. 

Discuss diagnostic options and possible risks, rewards, and limitations for patients and families

Talk to patients for complete medical history and record all relevant findings.

Translate laboratory results and communicates the findings to patients or doctors.

  • Advise patients and family members by providing information, education, or reassurance about genetic risk factors and inherited conditions.

Genetic Counselors are trained staff members who work to recognize certain genetic disorders or syndromes by studying genetics. For parents who expect, these counselors can use genetic testing to predict whether the baby may be born with a genetic disorder, like cystic fibrosis and Down syndrome, among many others.  Genetic Counselors may also examine whether an older person may have a chronic illness or cancer. Student genetic testing by DNA tests identifies these conditions and, in many cases, Genetic Counselors perform their laboratory tests.


3.Occupational Therapy Assistant or Aide

Predicted Rise: 41%

National average salary: $39,430


Most medical services customers have seen the shift from physician-only treatment to frequent treatment by nurses or medical assistants. The Occupational Therapy (O.T.) sector sees a similar growth towards a highly qualified Occupational Therapist training program that oversees several Occupational Therapy Assistant or Aides, providing direct care. Occupational therapists and assistants help patients discover, recover, and improve their daily life skills. O.T. assistants work directly to provide patient care, while O.T. assistants often perform support functions. Both assistants and assistants work under therapists' supervision on the job. Occupational therapists do the following:

Help patients complete medical procedures, such as stretching and other tests

Leading children with developmental disabilities in sports that promote socialization and coordination 

Teach patients how to use a special apparatus or converters.

  • Record patient progress, report to occupational therapists, and perform other administrative tasks.


4. Medical and Health Service Managers

Medical and Health Service Managers

Predicted Rise: 49%

Average annual salary: $115,160 per year 


Health care administrators direct, organize, and coordinate health services by controlling the practice of health care. They have a responsibility to stay abreast of all industry changes and network and implement these changes to facilitate the health care business. They often work in hospitals, doctors' offices, or nursing homes and residences.


5. Personal Care Aid

Predicted Rise: 50%

Average Annual Salary: $19,910


Personal care facilitators help complete patient care and daily activities and provide personal friendships with those who lack regular communication. Personal care assistants are responsible for the following:

  • Assist and support patients in a variety of ways with a mental disability, such as Alzheimer's or mental illness
  • Provider relationships with patients by participating in conversations, playing games, traveling, and many other social media activities
  • Assist patients with hygiene activities, such as bathing, brushing teeth, and going to the toilet

Personal care assistants, referred to as homeowners, caregivers, and friends, provide those who need critical relationships with the help of daily work that can make a significant difference in their quality of life. In many cases, these services work in partnership with other health care providers, hospice, or social workers who visit a client's home and provide direct care. Personal care services complete tasks similar to those performed by local health care providers. However, caregivers do not qualify for any medical work. Over the next decade, the employment area is expected to grow, with an expected increase of about 50 percent and almost 600,000 new jobs.


6.Physician Assistant

Predicted Rise: 38%

Average Annual Salary: $90,930


A Physician Assistant is a medical expert who works under the supervision of a physician. In most cases, P.A. activities reflect a physician's performance, with a few significant differences: P.A.s are not licensed to perform surgery (while they may help physicians in medical procedures.

These distinctions, P.A. obligations include conducting patient tests, consulting patients in their health care systems, developing treatment strategies, and performing procedures like wound joint. Based on the requirements of the state, some P.A.s may also provide medication. More than half of all medical helpers work in primary medicine. The most common workplaces are offices or private clinics, hospitals, community health clinics, prisons, schools, or home health care agencies.


7. Dental hygienist

Predicted Rise: 33%

National average salary: $80,080 per year


Dentists are those who evaluate the oral health of their patients. Some of their tasks include brushing and flossing, brushing teeth, performing routine tests, referring to a patient's oral health history, and teaching them proper brushing and flight techniques.


8.Licensed practical nurse

Predicted Rise: 25%

National average salary: $50,835 per year


The licensed practical nurses to care for a wide range of sick, injured, disabled, or elderly patients. They monitor the patient's health and provide primary care patients, such as changing clothes and testing vital signs throughout their day. They also teach them about their medicine, primary home care, and preventive measures about their lifestyle

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