Medical Assisting Career: 10 reasons Why You Should Choose It

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  • 4 Jan, 2021

If you've ever been interested in the healthcare profession but don't know where to start, a job as a medical assistant will give you the perfect amount of immediate challenge and act as a stepping stone to higher opportunities later on in the profession.
Medical assistants are vitally essential members of every health care team who conduct various duties that guarantee the consistency of patient care while supporting other representatives of the medical staff with their clinical and administrative tasks.

What is Medical Assistance?

Medical assistance refers to providing help to healthcare professionals, such as doctors or their assistants, often in a hospital environment. Medical assistants function under the supervision of a physician and are often known as clinical assistants. Medical assistants conduct tasks such as taking blood pressure, communicating medical information to patients, wound treatment, drawing blood, and keeping patients' medical history.

Why is medical assistance the best-suited career for you?

So now you must be wondering why medical assistance should be your career? When you're looking for a new career, it's important to remember the opportunities it offers. With all health care jobs, medical assistance comes with a variety of benefits. 
Let's have a look at the ten reasons that will sort your thoughts regarding the importance of the medical assisting career, and you never know if it might turn out to be something you are looking for!

A career that pays well

We all can understand that the payment cannot be equivalent to that of a medical doctor; but, with less than one year of training, the medical assistant's return on the expenditure of time and training is quite decent. Medical assistants who work long hours should afford to pay their student loans within about a year. On the other hand, many doctors will take as much as 11 years to finish their qualifications and internships before beginning training. Some doctors even owe around 85 percent of their first year's annual salary. 

The feeling of personal fulfillment

Being in the health care business enables you to help others by enhancing your medical expertise and skills. In addition to getting the knowledge about the ins and outs of the private profession, the medical assistants communicate a lot with the patients. In this area, the duties will stretch from accepting patients from the front desk to extracting sutures. Especially when you have an exceedingly tough day at work, the following day is sure to offer you a fascinating medical technique to study and learn.
Moreover, The healthcare profession is a time-honored occupation. Caring for patients takes the respect of others for the commitment and kindness of medical assistance every day.

Door to a variety of opportunities 

When you have your certificate as a medical assistant, you will have plenty of opportunities to progress by further practice. For example, you might find that you love working directly with patients, so you might consider seeking nursing education. After acquiring more expertise, several medical assistants step on to the rank of office manager, which entails more accountability and higher pay.

An interesting field to explore

Are you one of those who get bored easily? Well, you won't get bored working as a medical assistant. With the ever-changing influx of patients, treatments, tests, and health issues, no day working as a medical assistant is the same. Most people are very involved in their jobs and accept the difficulties and successes of serving as a medical assistant.

Flexible timetable

Many medical assistants function on a full-time basis for 40 hours a week. That being said, medical services, such as hospitals and emergency clinics, also satisfy patients' interests by being open during the nights, holidays, and weekends. This ensures that even though you're working for the whole week, you will build a routine that fits your personal life. As a medical assistant, you will also have the luxury of going part-time, based on the medical center’s practices where you serve.

Get familiar with advanced technology

The medical sector is evolving rapidly due to continual technological advancements, from data management to new surveillance technologies, therapies, and artificial intelligence. It comes as no surprise, but the effect of technology on healthcare will only continue to expand. You will play a vital role in implementing these innovations as a medical assistant to ensure more reliable and personalized treatment.

Grow and train others

With a growing need for qualified medical assistants, there is a growing need for specialists who train them. If you like engaging with individuals, this could be a perfect way to work on it. On average, specialists make a good amount over $50,000 a year, with the most accomplished field professionals earning more than $75,000.

Road to a stable career 

While health care becomes much more technology-driven, more and more services shift 365 days a year. With a 24/7 paradigm of hospitals and emergency clinics, there will always be a demand for medical assistants. Another aspect that guarantees that jobs are available is the baby boomer generation's aging and the demand for more and more health care.

Opportunity to get accredited

Many employers do not expect you to get a formal degree to get a medical assistant position. That being said, you have got the opportunity to get accredited, which reveals to the hiring managers that you have the qualifications and experience you need to succeed in this field.
Many potential medical assistants take a Licensed Medical Assistant exam to assess their understanding of healthcare implementation. Although not all employers need this certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants, it can serve to strengthen your brand value when it comes to the medical assistant position. 

Wide range of job environments

As a medical assistant, you get a chance to operate in several environments. Some work in hospitals, others work in clinics, physician departments, outpatient treatment centers, health practitioners' offices, and ambulance emergency. If you enjoy diversity, this occupation will encourage you to find the right opportunity to thrive in your chosen career path as a medical assistant. 


Now that you have grasped the knowledge of opportunities offered by the job as a medical assistant and how well-considered you can be before you finish your education program and get your credential, it's time to start researching approved programs that can help you get there. If you're interested in opting for the initial step into a new future in medical assistance, check out and learn more about the medical assistant institutions in your area and start inquiring about the details from today.

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